Diwali Special

Select any 6 items

Crispy pouches filled with minced vegetables

Steamed Tofu in chili lemon sauce

Fresh rice paper rolls with sweet chili sauce

Spicy Papaya salad served in shot glasses

Cucumber cups filled with minced mushroom salad

Tom Yam - Classic Thai spicy soup served as shots

​Thai veg spring rolls with sweet plum sauce

Fried corn cakes served with cucumber and chilli dip

Assorted vegetarian dim sum

Asparagus & Emmental Phyllo triangles - with Basil Pesto


Mozzarella and sundried Tomato skewers

Seared Mushroom with Coriander chilli Pesto

Falafel with minted yogurt dip 

Roasted baby Potatoes with Jerk spices

Spanakopita (Greek Spinach pie)

Corn & Kafir lime mousse on Basil toast

Spiced Mushrooms - with Balsamic Mayo

Bruschetta (a choice or all of) -

Tomato - Mushroom - Asparagus - Artichoke

Buffalo Mozzarella & Zucchini wraps- with basil pesto

Moroccan spiced Cottage Cheese

Tangerine Mustard Cottage Cheese 

The menu is priced at Rs. 1,000 per guest for a minimum of 20 guests and includes a waiter and kitchen staff  

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