Baby eggplant roasted to perfection and tossed in chili paste

​Stir fried tofu with chili & basil​

Veg/ Mushrooms/ Tofu stir fried with freshly made black pepper sauce​

Veg stir fried with red chili and basil​

Lotus root with roasted chili paste and basil​

Mushrooms with cashew nut and sweet peppers

Combination of seasonal fresh vegetables with light soy sauce

Asparagus and baby corn with sweet peppers and chili paste​

Broccoli and black mushroom with garlic and sesame​

Leafy greens with soy sesame sauce​

Deep fried bean curd stir fried with red curry paste and lime leaves

Chicken & Lamb

Tender chicken pieces stir fried with Cashew nuts, Mushroom and chili

Minced chicken with chili & Basil

Chicken stir fried with chili paste

Chicken stir fried with Pineapple and Ginger
Chicken stir fried with Garlic and black pepper
Chicken with Pak choy and Oyster sesame sauce
Chicken in curry paste and green peppercorn

Lamb chops with chili & Basil



Fish with sweet & sour sauce

Prawns stir fried in tamarind sauce

Prawn with black pepper and garlic

Steamed Fish parcels wrapped in banana leaves

Whole crispy fish topped with sour and spicy sweet chilli sauce

Steamed fish with chili and lemon sauce

Prawns stir fried with curry paste and greens

Prawns with black pepper

Stir fried squid with curry paste, basil and coconut milk

Fish stir fried with celery