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Starters - Veg

Mozzarella and sun-dried Tomato skewers

Asparagus & Emmental Phyllo triangles - with Basil Pesto

Spanakopita (Greek Spinach pie) - with Aioli

Roasted baby potatoes with Jerk spices

Seared Mushroom with Coriander chilli Pesto

Spiced Mushrooms - with Balsamic Mayo

Falafel with minted yogurt dip - Bullets / Pita pockets / Sliders

Corn & Kafir lime mousse on basil toast

Bruschetta - Fresh fruit / Tomato / Mushroom / Artichoke​

Zucchini wraps with Mozzarella &  basil pesto

Mini Tacos



Mushroom/ Sweet corn cigar rolls

Apricot, goat cheese & almond bites

Potato Pancakes

Spinach and cheese stuffed mini potatoes

Stuffed potatoes with lemon caper & cheese

Tofu carpaccio with soy, ginger and sesame

Baked carrots with truffle seasoning

Spinach cheese stuffed mushroom caps

Grapes encrusted with Cream cheese and toasted almond

Watermelon & Feta stacks

Jalapeno & cheese poppers

Mac & Cheese poppers

Tomato- mozzarella crostini

Avocado Chimichuri bruschetta

Dim Sum Corn & Water chestnuts / Truffle Edamame 

Beetroot Kebabs

Starters - Non-Veg

Moroccan spiced Cottage Cheese / Chicken / Fish / Prawn

Tangerine Mustard Cottage Cheese / Chicken / Fish / Prawns

Chermoula spiced Cottage Cheese / Chicken / Fish / Prawn

Dim Sum Chicken / Prawn & Spring Onion

Mini Tacos Chicken / Fish

Honey Mustard glazed cocktail sausages

Texas BBQ Chicken tikka

Smoked chicken bruschetta

Jerk Chicken with Balsamic glaze

Grilled Prawns with Rosemary & pink Peppercorn

Chimichurri Prawns

Grilled Cajun Prawns- with Pineapple salsa

Chilled shrimp cocktail

Herbed fish fingers with Tartar sauce

Avocado & Tuna Tapas

Mutton Kofta with yougurt dip

Minced mutton on sugarcane skewers

Sliders - Mutton / Chicken

Vol-au-vent - Creamed corn / Chicken salad


Chickpea / Beetroot / Pumpkin hummus




Chicken liver pate

Black Olive Tapanade

Mushroom pate

4 layer dip bowl - Layers of spiced mashed red beans, sour cream, guacamole, tomato salsa. Served with nachos. 


Gazpacho (Cold) - Tomato / Watermelon / Pumpkin / Cucumber / Potato

Roasted tomato

Spinach / Cauliflower / Mushroom


Zucchini Noodles with Pesto Dressing

Quinoa Tabbouleh

Pickled Beetroot & Citrus Salad

Lentil salad with Grapes, Feta and Mint

Water chestnuts, sweet corn, cherry tomatoes in Asian lime dressing​

Couscous with grilled vegetables​

Curried Quinoa salad with Mango

Classic Greek salad with feta, cucumber and tomatoes

Young greens with red wine glazed poached pears

German Potato Salad​

Watermelon and feta salad


Mains - Veg

Grilled Cottage Cheese - Brown sauce with caramelized pineapple
Grilled Cottage Cheese
 - Moroccan spices & Mediterranean vegetables

Penne pasta with Pink sauce | Pesto Sauce | Aglio e Olio | Alfredo

Roasted Veg Lasagne 

Pumpkin ravioli in a sage cream sauce

Risotto - Mushroom | Pesto | Beetroot

Cannelloni with Spinach & Cheese

Mains - Non Veg

Lamb moussaka

Spaghetti Bolognese (Minced Lamb)
Grilled chicken with mushroom sauce (white sauce)

Grilled Chicken with Red Wine Sauce

Baked fish - Butter Caper Sauce

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