Starters - Vegetarian

Crispy pouches filled with minced veg

Garlic Mushrooms - Mushrooms served in crispy garlic sauce
Steamed Tofu in chili lemon sauce

Satay - Grilled Tofu / Cottage cheese served with peanut sauce

Vietnamese rice paper parcels with sweet chili dip

Spicy Papaya salad served in shot glasses

Cucumber cups filled with minced mushroom salad

Tom Yam - Classic Thai spicy soup served as shots

Roasted peanuts with Thai herbs & red chilli
Tofu topped with crispy lemongrass & sweet-chilli sauce

Thai veg spring rolls with sweet plum sauce

Fried corn cakes served with cucumber and chilli dip

Starters - Non Vegetarian

Spicy herbed chicken wings

Chicken / Fish topped with crispy lemongrass & sweet-chilli sauce

Satay - Skewers of grilled Chicken served with peanut sauce

Fried fish cakes served with cucumber salad and sweet-chilli sauce

Delicious blend of steamed fish, curry paste and Coconut milk

Crispy Sesame Prawns with Sweet chilli sauce

Chicken dumplings on a skewer with spicy tamarind sauce


Tom Yum - Spicy, sour soup flavoured with Lemongrass & Galangal.

Option of Chicken, Prawns or Vegetarian​

Tom Kha  - Coconut milk based soup with Galangal & lemon juice.

Option of Chicken, Prawns or vegetarian

Po Tek - Similar to Tom Yum but a clear soup with lots of seafood


Sweet sour & spicy fruit salad with a touch of garlic

Pomelo fruit salad with roasted grated coconut (Seasonal)

Stir fried crispy veg with sweet-chilli sauce

Tangy salad of roasted eggplant with chilli and sweet basil dressing

Spicy and sour salad of raw mango with cashew nuts – seasonal

Som Tam - Traditional Thai raw papaya salad

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