Salads & Starters 

Rs. 290 (veg) / Rs. 325 (Non-Veg)

Som Tam - Tangy raw papaya salad

Fresh Pomelo Salad (Seasonal)

Minced chicken with mint, lemon and toasted rice

Grilled chicken with Basil, Coriander and lemon 
Spicy glass noodles salad Veg / Prawns

Satay - Chicken / Tofu - with creamy peanut sauce

Tangy Prawns with Lemongrass


Rs. 380 (veg) / Rs. 400 (Chicken) / Rs. 450 (SF) 

Green curry - Veg / Chicken / Prawns

Red Curry - Veg / Chicken / Prawns

Massaman Curry - Chicken / Lamb

Rice & Noodles

Rs. 290 (Veg) / Rs. 350 (Non-veg)

Classic Phat Thai Noodles - Veg / Chicken

Spicy basil noodles or Rice

Tom yum fried rice

Green curry fried rice

Brown rice / Steamed rice - Rs. 150

Jasmine rice

Stir fries & Meal Bowls

Rs. 350 (Veg) / Rs. 380 (Chicken) / Rs. 450 ( SF)

Mixed veggies with chili & basil - Spicy

Seasonal vegetables in light soy sauce

Baby eggplant tossed in roasted chili paste

Broccoli & black mushroom in garlic sesame sauce

Minced Chicken with chili & basil - Spicy

Chicken with peppers and cashew

Chicken with garlic and pepper

Crispy sesame prawns

Prawns in tamarind sauce

Prawns with black pepper

Steamed fish with lemon sauce

Crispy fish with sour spicy chili sauce

Thai Desserts

Rs. 150

Mango with sticky rice (Seasonal)

Water chestnuts in sweetened coconut milk

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